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Your Agency for all Medical Placements

MEDICAL Placements is an independently owned company, managed and owned by Dr Linda Pakshong, a medical doctor who graduated from University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The company specializes in placing Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare personnel in all sectors internationally and locally.

  • We have one of the largest databases of candidates in the medical, pharmaceutical & healthcare industry. We are a Leading healthcare consultancy in South Africa.
  • Our candidates are all trained and qualified with top qualifications with the best clinical training and experience.
  • The owner is a doctor and therefore understands particular requirements and specifications required for a particular job.
  • We specialise in providing a personal, professional service to the Client & Candidate.
  • Reference checking & credit checks are done if requested. Any other requirements by the Client are accomodated and will be performed if specifically requested by the Client.
  • Ethical business policies and practices are a priority in the business.

Recruitment sector recruits for all positions in the Medical, Pharmaceutical &
Healthcare Industry.

    All Medical Placements company services
  • Aligned with business strategy and competitive positioning;
  • Designed to ensure compliance with the labour relations framework;
  • Sensitive to corporate structure and culture; and
  • Informed by current national and international thinking and developments in the fields of employment law, organisational development, and business strategy

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